Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mariucci is Gone

Steve Mariucci is now the ex-head coach of the Detroit Lions. Can't say as I'll miss him. He couldn't make this team work. It's really a shame, this team had so much potential.

It's doubtful they'll rally behind interim coach Dick Jauron. One can point to the 2000 season when Bobby Ross quit the Lions after a 5-4 start (yeah, that's a winning record and he STILL quit). Gary Moeller, the linebacker's coach took over and led the team to a 9-7 season, but they missed the playoffs. Maybe they'll rally around Jauron and go 5-0, which again, would make the Lions 9-7, from the 4-7 where they're at now. They still have to beat Minnesota, which they did poorly against.

Let's see how Jauron handles the QB situation with Harrington and Garcia. My pick: Harrington because he's played better.

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