Saturday, September 20, 2008

Detroit at San Francisco

The Lions are playing the 49ers this week. You just know Mike Martz is giving this game a ton of thought. Having been here for two years and producing nothing out of this club, he wants this win. Bad.

Martz can shut the naysayers up two ways. First, run the ball 50 times. The D-Line hasn't shown anything yet (despite Cory Redding having shown some of the promise from two years ago). Then he can put it back in his detractors' faces about never running the ball. Or, two, he could have a passing game that actually works, thereby vindicating his "system."

Enough about Martz. How about that J.T. O'Sullivan guy? So far, he's produced some fine statistics. This year, his QB rating is over 93. Even in backup duty last year, he didn't show much for being the 2nd string.

I believe San Francisco takes this 28-17, sending Detroit 0-3 into the Bye week.

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