Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've Been Away

Sometimes blogging requires real commitment. I haven't shown it in awhile. So here goes some random thoughts.

- I saw the debate between Obama and McCain last week. McCain may have won on his knowledge of the issues. But pundits are giving the win to Obama because, well, they don't really know. They're idiots.

- I don't go on facebook much, but right now, most of my friends seem to want Obama. I'm beginning to harbor contemptuous feelings towards the stupid things they say about McCain.

- Screw the bailout. We don't have $700 billion to spend. It's short-sided and has negative long-term implications. What lesson do we as a whole learn if every bad decision we make will be backed up by the American taxpayer? Let them sink so that the children of today can see their parents' failures and not make the same choices they did. You'll thank me for this, someday.

- Matt Millen was fired. Wow. And Kwame's gone. At least one poll indicates Detroit is looking up after Kilpatrick left town. Why?

- Matt Millen's firing lifts a huge weight off many a Lions' fans chest. Even though nothing will come of this season now that he is gone, at least now we can go back to the drawing board and hire a President/GM who can devise a plan that will build a foundation for success years down the road. Too much of Millen's problems were the fact that he had no faith in any system, changed coaches too often, and drafted for positions you cannot build a team around, like Wide Receiver.

- Joey Harrington was cut from Atlanta. Then signed by the Saints. Then cut less than a week later. Poor man. Detroit, get over him. He's gone.

- I'm moving to Wixom in a few days. This is good news for me, financially.


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