Saturday, September 06, 2008

On Tap: The Falcons

Detroit is going into Atlanta this week to play the Falcons. Had it not been for the final cut last week, they would be playing against the team with their former "savior" of the franchise, Joey Harrington. Harrington would not have been playing, but it is ridiculous that the Falcons cut Harrington over Shockley. Harrington, when he played well, was benched in favor of another quarterback who choked. The Falcons are in absolute disarray, and will finish at the bottom of the league. My pick: Detroit 20, Atlanta 10.

I do believe that this team is one year away from making the playoffs. I really do. But I also think that this team will finish with a record worse than last year. Well, 6-10 isn't that much worse than 7-9. But they'll be in better position to draft higher in April and will make an actual run in 2009. To me, the weakness is in the defensive line. Chuck Darby is only a stopgap measure replacing Shaun Rogers. They had to get rid of Rogers, but Darby won't be as effective when Rogers wanted to play. Maybe more consistent, but not dominating defensive tackle Rogers was when he brought his A game. I also question how well the defensive ends opposite Dewayne White will play. White is solid, but can Jared Devries or Akaika Alama-Francis step in and be dominant.

What irony: Rod Marinelli, a defensive line specialist, his pet position, is no better off in his third year with the team in terms of the D-line unit. Come April, I hope they go for a DE or a DT.

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