Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I don't check out my facebook profile that much. I'm so bad at managing my page, that I know the last time I updated my profile. January 2006. Having just read through it, it's pretty much all out of date. Especially the part where it says I "hate kids." I've never actually hated them, but enough people have read that and took it to be true. Apparently, reading the very next sentence to save yourself aggravation was too much to ask. It says "Rhetorically speaking, of course."

But every now and then I check up on my profile, only to find out it has changed. And every change seems to be followed up with outrage by its users. Petitions (a frequent exercise in futility and stupidity by 'facebookers') against the changes never work, despite the millions who join these groups.

They hated the newsfeed because it was invasive of others' privacy, but no one seems to remember they put up and take down such information voluntarily. Admittedly, it's creepy, but then again, I don't post details of my personal life I don't want others knowing on the internet.

Now everyone hates the new facebook. I like the old one, but I don't invest time on these social networking sites to care whether or not it gets changed. I just don't use it enough.

The other thing that gets on my nerves about this is that everyone seems to be joining meaningless groups and organizations that really don't do anything. "1 Million Strong for Obama," for example. First, in a nation that has over 110 million people, 1 million isn't anything. It's expendable.

I could just delete my profile, never to use it again. Besides, I'm really not interested in looking at your profile, let alone mine. Me thinks the only reason I haven't updated it in so long extends from the fact that I had planned to update it again, once I got a real job. But sadly, that may never happen. But at least I'll have a glimpse of what I was thinking about, back in late 2005/early 2006.

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