Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Okay, Time To Predict Election 2008

Alright, alright. Make no mistake about it, I'm for John McCain. McCain should be elected president, but given the turn of events since last September, things have all gone Barack Obama's way. As of today, 108 newspapers have endorsed Obama, while only 39 have gone to McCain. Obama is outspending McCain 4 to 1, and is widening his lead in the polls.

So as it goes, I'm going to make my predictions for this year's elections:

-Barack Obama will be elected President.

-The Republicans will lose 20 seats in the House of Representatives. They will lose five seats in the Senate.

-Senator Carl Levin will win easily over challenger Jack Hoogendyk by at least a 65%-35% margin.

-All incumbents up for re-election for the US House in Michigan will retain their seats, except for Tim Walberg. I predict Mark Schauer will win the seat for the 7th district.

-In Lansing, the Democrats will retain their lead and increase its size. I don't know how much; I can only guess that it's more troubling for the State GOP which has been hemorrhaging for years now.

The Republicans are going to take the fall for the faltering economy, the unpopular war in Iraq, and the continuing rise in health care costs, just to name the three most important issues.

I don't see any break for the party, either state or national, until 2010. It's my guess Republicans will have to retool and rebuild for the future. What will be interesting this year will be the surprise victory of one or two Republicans who may be elected to the Senate or a Governorship. For some reason, it's candidates like those who tend to play a larger role in the national spotlight in years to come (like Obama did when the GOP won all over the board in 2004).

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