Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Vote Mark Schauer In To Kick Walberg Out

I normally don't endorse Democrats. Openly. I'd like to be a Republican, but given the anti-intellectualism that has poisoned much of the party, I feel it best to "cleanse" the soul of the party by ousting Mr. Tim Walberg of Tipton, MI.

Mark Schauer is an improbable candidate. In 2002, he beat Mickey Mortimer by a substantial margin in a race in which Mortimer should have won. He is no doubt, a formidable opponent to anyone and will be a rising star in the state Democratic Party for years to come if and when he wins in November.

Tim Walberg is just an ineffective representative, he's an embarrassment to the state. He has publicly stated that " many places, Iraq is as safe and cared for as Detroit." Or was it, "There was clear connections in Iraq to Saddam Hussein to what went on on 9/11" that's even more depressing.

I want John McCain to win the presidency. I'd like Republicans to be what they used to be, a party that was more libertarian in the mold of Barry Goldwater. But I'm not willing to give money to a party that puts people like Tim Walberg in charge of making decisions that affect people's lives.

November 4: Vote Mark Schauer to Congress, 7th District!

While you're at it, check out this great blog, Walberg Watch, which has been covering Tim Walberg for the better part of two years now (if not more). The content is top-notch and has information you can use.

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