Sunday, November 02, 2008

On Tap: Da Bears

I didn't post anything last week, but one can guess I pretty much bet against the Lions then, too.

Needless to say, nothing's changed this week. Once again, Kyle Orton will carve up the Lions for 250+ yards, 2 TDs, maybe an interception, but a passer rating hoovering around 100 - he's due for an off day after three other clinics he's put on against the Leos.

Interesting note: the Lions have signed Daunte Culpepper, a washed-out QB who all but retired this year. I can't see him being anything but a distraction, and where does this leave Drew Henson? Back to the practice squad? All I know is Orlovsky is gone after this season.

I know how bad everyone wants Drew Stanton to play, but really, Offensive Coordinator Jim Colletto is right, they shouldn't "embarass" him in his first start. Especially since Detroit can't stop the pass rush, and can't put together a decent drive to save their lives, let alone at a critical moment in the game. Colletto was dead on, despite Rod Marinelli's claim it was a "poor choice of words." Why humiliate him by surrounding him with no protection, no running game, and a play-caller who can't call plays?

Final score: Bears 34, Lions 23. The game will be over by the 4th quarter, I think. And as usual, Marinelli will stick to his talking points, even as his methods are about as useful as an anchor for a drowning person. It's 0-8, and time to starting thinking about NFL ignominy, made all the more sadder by the fact that they might not even bear this alone if Cincinnati can't win a game.

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