Sunday, November 09, 2008

On Tap: Jacksonville Jaguars

Here comes a prediction. Detroit is 0-8, Jacksonville is 3-5. Simple logic would tell you Jacksonville is a better team, at least on paper. But the Jags have been in a slump lately. There's an implosion happening as we speak. Jack Del Rio, the Jags head coach, sent his Middle Linebacker home for two straight practices due to insubordination.

If the Lions have a chance of avoiding infamy, they may have found a break in what's expected to be a much tougher second half. But, today is the first game for Daunte Culpepper. Even though Coach Rod Marinelli has done all he can to keep the media in the dark (it's the first good job he's done in a long, long time), I expect Daunte Culpepper will be lining up behind center today. Coincidentally, Dominic Raiola, the starting center for Detroit, is out. The 104 consecutive game streak ends today due to a broken right hand.

But the ink isn't even dry on Culpepper's new contract, and he's already playing. Some say he's a has been, others think he's got something left to prove. I say his signing all amounts to nothing more than a distraction from giving the young players a serious evaluation heading into 2009.

Bottom line, Detroit has never shown that even when games are close, that they are capable of finishing the job. In the end, Jacksonville prevails, 17 - 10.

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