Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On Tap: The Titans

The Tennessee Titans, led by QB Kerry Collins, are coming to Ford Field today. Fresh off a loss against the New York Jets, who ironically were originally known as the Titans, the Titans are looking maintain their spot at the top of the AFC while the Lions are in search of their first win.

On Sunday, Head Coach Jeff Fisher announced that Kerry Collins will remain the starter and Vince Young's future with the team depends on how well Collins plays. Kerry Collins??? Yeesh. All this time I thought he was washed out.

The outcome to me is not in doubt. The Titans will prevail. The real question is what quarter will the Lions collapse in this one. The first? Second? Fourth? It always comes down to pressure once the game is on. They have never been able to turn it on. Last week against Tampa Bay, the Buccaneers never seemed to be desperate, even after being down 17 in the first quarter. Nobody respects this team. Period.

Lions will fall to 0-12. Let us pray Dallas and Cleveland continue to spiral.

Titans 27
Detroit 17

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