Sunday, September 13, 2009

Late To Game, Late To Blog

Was listening on the radio and heard the Saints were already up 14-0. Ugh. Brees has been picking on Lions CB Eric King (29). Heard Philip Buchanon went down. Ow.

Some other thoughts:

  • Nice punt return by Dennis Northcutt (86) setting up touchdown drive. Stafford does a FB-fake, pitches it to Kevin Smith (34) for the Lions' first TD. Detroit: 10, New Orleans: 14.
  • Anthony Henry's (32) interception comes off of a Drew Brees' flea flicker bomb. Henry had just tied the Lions' interception total for all of 2008.
  • We fail to capitalize off Henry's interception. Saints move the ball inside the Lions' 10. Defense hasn't been aggressive like Defensive Coordinator Gunther Cunningham promised. Need to blitz! Quick pass to Reggie Bush moves Saints closer to TD. Lions stop Mike Bell from scoring, making it 3rd Down. Brees fakes hand-off; TD Jeremy Shockey, the Saints' Tight End. Flag on the play......Unsportsman-like Conduct on Lions' S Louis Delmas (26). Rookie mistake. To be enforced on the kickoff.

More to come...

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