Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lions 27, Saints 45

I just watched the rest of the game and left the house when it was all over. For a moment it looked as though the Lions were going to keep it close. They were down 38-27 in the third. But the Saints piled it on, and Head Coach Jim Schwartz wasn't happy with today's performance.

I started listening to 97.1 after the game to hear some fan reactions. It was mostly negative. One caller in particular said the "Matthew Stafford bust era has begun." Apparently, he annoyed the host so much that they got into a pissing match over the radio and made both themselves look like fools. I say anytime you get the talk show host fuming like that, it always looks worse on him than the caller.

So what do we take from this game? How about the negative first.

  • As typical of last season, they were blown out.
  • Drew Brees threw six touchdowns, tying a club record. He also threw over 300 yards.
  • The defense gave up 260 yards in the first half alone.
  • Matt Stafford threw three interceptions, and was 16-for-37 passing with 207 yards.
  • Eric King gave up three touchdowns covering three different receivers.
  • Brandon Pettigrew was non-existent.
  • Plain and simple: they lost. Expect more of this throughout the remainder of the season.
And what the hell was with New Orleans still running the ball when the game's outcome was decided? How about a kneel-down? Detroit wasn't coming back. I didn't see how many timeouts Detroit had left, but I know it wasn't three, since Schwartz challenged a call that Reggie Bush hadn't fumbled and lost.

Is there something positive to take from the game? I'll try.

  • 27 - the points the Lions put up. That is more their highest score in all of 2008 (they scored 25 at least twice).
  • 1 - interception by Anthony Henry. He has tied the team total for interceptions from 2008.
  • 1 - blown call by the referees, taking away a Calvin Johnson TD. Not that it mattered, Stafford ended running the ball in. It just hurt my brother-in-law's Fantasy Football score.
  • 4 - quarters the Lions were in before collapsing. Last year, it was over in the first and second quarters.
  • Dennis Northcutt's punt return that set up a Kevin Smith TD.
I don't deny for one second I'm scraping from the bottom of the barrel. And Jim Schwartz was right to be angry at this team. They set out goals and none were accomplished. Oh, and where was all the blitzing we were promised from Defensive Coordinator Gunther Cunningham?

If I don't see the Vikings next week, it will be because the game was blacked out. I may be doing myself a favor. Brett Favre is back to torment Detroit twice.

Just like old times.

Sidenote: apparently I orginally posted that Philip Buchanon was injured in the game. He wasn't; he had been scratched from the lineup prior to opening kickoff.

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