Friday, September 18, 2009

On Tap: Vikings at Lions

Brett Favre returns to Detroit, this time as a Minnesota Viking. Favre is 23-9 against the Lions.

Say what you want about Favre, I was a supporter of his last year. The Green Bay Packers forced him into a making a decision he wasn't ready to make. Because he chose to retire, Green Bay drafted two quarterbacks in 2008 to back up Aaron Rodgers. Favre suddenly decided he wanted to play again right before training camp. The Packers were committed to Rogers and the media hounded Favre for being selfish (which he partly was).

Once he landed in New York, things started off promising. The Jets were at one point 8-3, and had a realistic shot of clinching the AFC East Title. A 1-4 collapse down the stretch cost Head Coach Eric Mangini his job and Favre opted to leave football once more. During the season, Mangini had called out Favre in the locker room in front of other players which caused a rift that the Jets never recovered from.

After months of speculation, hemming, and hawing, Favre decided to return to football, this time with the Minnesota Vikings. While there were initial concerns about his own health, especially in his biceps, he was apparently well enough to forge ahead and return to the NFC North. His signing instantly put the Vikings at the top of the division.

Even though I got tired of Favre at this point, Minnesota apparently didn't. Favre got a chance last week to light up his former coach, Mangini, which I'm sure he did with glee.


As for Sunday, this game is going to the Vikings. Much like last week, I believe the Lions will make a serious attempt at making it a game. But the Vikings, who aren't as good as the Saints, will still be a couple of steps ahead of the Lions.

End result:

Minnesota 38
Detroit 24

Welcome to Detroit, Matt Stafford

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