Sunday, January 24, 2010

Auto Show-and-Tell P.2

The most troubling part about being at the Auto Show is whenever you want to take a nice picture of something, some idiot always has to walk in the picture or hop in the car.

BMW, for example, is my favorite brand of automobile. Considering I live in Michigan, that's taking a small risk. This is the state that's home to the Big Three. The loyalties toward "American made" (if that means anything anymore), is so intense, my sister was compelled to get a Ford Escape after driving Hondas for years, simply because she didn't want people eyeballing her Passport.

But because morons kept getting in the shots of all my pictures, my BMW photos turned out quite disappointing. Except for this motorcycle. It's a sleek-looking bike, that's for sure. But if you ask me, it looks like BMW just stole the bat-cycle as the Caped Crusader was investigating a mystery in Gotham and all they did was slap on white fairings and a BMW logo.

Of course, what is going to the BMW display without at least hopping in a convertible?

Yes, that's me. And no, I'm not adjusting myself. That's what I'd look like sitting upright and proper were I actually to drive that vehicle. There was no point in Sean sitting in the seat since he's two inches taller. Apparently, the Beamer-people have it in for us taller folk.

I admit, I'm not much of a car enthusiast. I do prefer trucks. But what kind of truck-owner would I be if I didn't at least check out the latest model of GMC's Sierra? This truck here is the hybrid version. I drive a black Sierra with an extended cab, and style-side box. It's seen better days. So has GM. If my truck were brand new, this is apparently what it would look like.

And these are just shots of the interior.

We noticed the interior was a bit dusty. We expected the panels to be covered in fingerprints with all the attendees getting in and out of it, but couldn't they at least run a rag through it once a week or so?

Sean and I also happened to notice there was a wide empty space behind us. We could tell the fact that Lamborghini and a few others that didn't make the show would have obviously made for additional space. It would've been quite apropos to place some sort of banner acknowledging the contribution of former Detroit city leaders. "This empty lot is brought to you by Monica Conyers."

Lucky for Detroit, the Auto Show will remain there, as well as in Michigan. Detroit was given an easy out when they were offered the chance to acquiese Cobo Hall over to a regional authority of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties. Some, namely Mrs. Conyers, and a couple of others, wouldn't have it that way. Their feet dragging may have ended up in Michigan losing the auto show altogether and pitting the city against Oakland County when Brooks Patterson began wooing the directors to bring the show to Rock Financial Showplace in Novi.

I think I'm going to make it an annual tradition to go to the auto show.

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