Sunday, January 24, 2010

Auto Show-and-Tell P.1

Last night I went to Cobo Arena in downtown Detroit to see the North American International Auto Show - NAIAS as the media in town refers to it. It was nice to know that it wouldn't be leaving despite the efforts of some former Detroit City Council members, including one convicted criminal named Monica Conyers.

I got there with a friend, Sean, last night around 6:00 pm. My first thought was that the entire set up way too resembled last year's show. Major automakers such as Ford, its subsidiaries, Honda, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, and GM were all in the same positions they were last year, with the same set designs. Well, Ford and Volkswagen were definitely for sure. Both had sets that would stick in your head if you had seen them the year before.

My personal favorite was the Range Rover.

Its exterior hasn't changed much since it was first introduced to the US market, but I can appreciate the interior quality - the ergonomic design of the dash and the controls.

The best of show was probably the Maserati. Sean and I went back and forth with one gentleman who thought its price range was $200-250,000, whereas we thought it was $125-175,000.

I hate the fact that I didn't take a shot of the passenger side of the vehicle - the part where the door was closed so you could see what it looks like in full profile.

We also came across some odd duck style of displays. This first one makes me question the wisdom of the architect who thought, "I know, let's just nail a car to the wall and how it goes."

This next one says: "Jim was just a happy-go-lucky guy, unaware of the impending danger that lurked 12 feet above."

But I digress, going to the auto show is always fun. I was disappointed Jaguar and Lamborghini weren't there.

After the show, Sean and I went to a bar, whose name escapes me to meet up with friends of his. His friend's friend apparently has a popular blog, Sweet Juniper! Apparently, the author, Jim (not me), is quite popular among mommy bloggers. He's a lawyer who makes his income off his site (while his wife is also an attorney). He said he'd link up. And after seeing what's going on at EMUtalk, I might buy ad space there and just start turning this blog into one that gets traffic.

But then I'd probably miss having a blog that's a dirt road on the information superhighway.

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