Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Random, Disjointed and Disorganized Thoughts on the Lions and Other Things in 2009

So, the season ended for the Detroit Lions the same way every other season has since 2000. No playoffs. Detroit has achieved multiple dubious honors, including the first team to go winless in the 16-game season, and having the worst overall record of any team in the 2000s. Congratulations on going 42-118 this decade. To compare, the Detroit Tigers went 43-119 in 2003. For a Lions fan, it was like reliving the Tigers' 2003 campaign over and over again for the whole ten years.

The highlights? Two victories. Two more than last year. Rookie QB Matt Stafford made the NFL highlight reel with a stunning victory over the Cleveland Browns, which by the way, was the final victory for Detroit in the decade.

Now we got the No. 2 pick in April. We slid down a spot! Hopefully, the Lions will do two things: take Ndamakong Suh if available, and then a CB in the 2nd round, and sign Reggie Bush to tandem with Kevin Smith in the backfield. Next year, we may look at 6-10. Hooray.

As for the rest of the state - it's hard to love Michigan these days. I love it, but I'm pretty much set on the fact that this state has already bit it.

I went back to school in the fall to get a certification in HR. Only one class needed now, but it'll cost me $1,084 out of pocket at EMU.

But why bother with education? It's not going to do anything for this state. Every analyst says the state's key to a turnaround is education, yet no one has any backup plan if we have all these college grads and no jobs to go to.

Last Tuesday, Lt. Gov John Cherry bowed out of the race for Governor. He knew he wouldn't win, and thought "why bother?" It's still ripe for a Republican takeover in the Governor's mansion and all other statewide offices.

Why couldn't Debbie Stabenow be running this year?

None of the GOP candidates seem to show much promise. Attorney General Mike Cox mishandled the investigation of Kwame Kilpatrick, Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard speaks in conservative boiler plate spin, and no one knows who Rick Snyder (the Ann Arbor businessmen and outsider). Oh, and Pete Hoekstra? Forget it. It's between Cox and Bouchard at this point.

I might vote Green again. Then again, if it's the same Palestine-friendly guy from 2006, then I'll just sit the whole thing out.

Happy New Year.


Yolanda said...

Regarding the 2010 Gubna Election: cherry was never my guy. I met Alma Wheeler Smith(D) and Rick Snyder(R) and I like them both. Why don't Dems like Wheeler-Smith?

metrichead said...

The Dems do like Alma - the ones that know who she is. Progressives and liberals who know Michigan politics know who she is but also know her chances are slimmer than Andy Dillon because 1) she has a solidly liberal voting record in the State House and Senate, 2) Republicans/conservatives would attack her for being an "Ann Arbor Democrat," and 3) most importantly, very little name recognition across the state. I don't think too many people know of her outside Washtenaw County.