Monday, October 11, 2010

The Michigan Gubernatorial Debate

Oh my god. This debate was not a debate. It was embarrassing. I don't think I can vote.

Rick Snyder, the Republican candidate, could not provide specifics. He spoke through the entire debate saying "we need to do this," "we need to do that," and "this is how we measure this."

Virgil Bernero, the Democrat, was worse. Some will say he won the debate because he attacked Snyder for allegedly moving business to China. His facts are disputable, a very generous term. If your facts are out of line with reality, doesn't the opponent technically win by default?

Snyder's novice political qualities are shown in full light. Bernero showed he's nothing more than an overly aggressive loudmouth who "writes checks his ass can't cash."

This will be the only debate, and it should be. No one will watch a 2nd or 3rd debate, and no one watches debates between the other candidates for statewide office. How good would they be for the public? At best, it'd be out there on TV for an hour and then in cyberspace.

It's to Snyder's advantage not to have another debate. It'd be like 1998 all over again when the Democrats nominated someone even more obnoxious and even less qualified to be governor: Geoffrey Fieger. Why should then-Gov. John Engler have chosen to debate him? It would have been a circus. Fieger compared Engler to Stalin and Hitler, his ads made your skin crawl, and the state was humming along fine.

It seems like people have already made up their mind at this point. Methinks I'm staying home.


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