Sunday, October 10, 2010

On Tap: Rams at Lions - & What About U-M/MSU?

I'm predicting my Lions will get their first victory of the season today. I know that Sam Bradford, the Rams' rookie QB has played well the last two weeks, but he's a rookie, and like every rookie, they won't develop consistency right away.

Bradford and Lions' QB Matt Stafford will be forever linked as the two Number One picks of their respective drafts (Stafford in 2009 and Bradford in 2010). They will always be compared to one another. Hopefully it'll be a Brady/Manning (with Stafford being more Brady) comparison, and not, say a Manning/Leaf or even Bledsoe/Mirer comparison.

As far as this game goes, both teams are evenly matched on both sides of the ball. Bradford has a better offensive line and RB Steven Jackson is a stud. But he doesn't have much for a receiving corps.

The Lions will again be without Stafford and they are starting Shaun Hill. Hill has put up some decent fantasy numbers, but he'll have to do a good job of managing the offense.

Detroit's single biggest problem in games this year has been the disappearance of the offense for a quarter, or quarter and a half. They need to control the ball, make some plays, and keep the defense off the field for as much as possible. You can't rely on letting the other team build a huge lead, and take their foot off the gas in the second half.

The Lions will have rookie RB Jahvid Best, although it's anyone's guess how good he'll be today. Also returning is TE Tony Scheffler, who has seen tremendous production since coming to Detroit. If Shaun Hill isn't going to manage the game, then the Lions just need to be in 2-minute offense form the entire game. It seems that's the only way they're able to move the ball and score.

I'm guessing the score will be Lions 24, Rams 21.


On a side note, I did not see the game yesterday between Michigan and Michigan State. Apparently the game ended in the second quarter as Michigan apparently did nothing the rest of the way, blowing a 10-7 lead and turning it into a 31-10 deficit in the second half.

The papers are saying Denard Robinson looked human, ONLY running for 86 yards. 86 yards? I know that's his lowest total running yardage of the year, but Jesus, that's a lot for Michael Vick, pre-2007. His other less than impressive statistics - 17 of 29 passing for 215 yards, 1 TD, and 3 picks. Two of those picks were in the end zone.

Is it safe to anoint Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins the best in the state? I think so.

Michigan, I root for you above Michigan State. But after losing three in a row, how does it feel to be "Little Brother?"

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