Sunday, October 17, 2010

This Moment In Suck Has Been Brought To You By Dylan Ratigan

The other night I was thumbing through the Huffington Post's website. Jumping from page to page, I came across one particular story, Dylan Ratigan Blasts Bill O'Reilly, 'War on Islam' on Morning Joe. Ratigan, an MSNBC anchor and host of the Dylan Ratigan Show, criticized Fox News' Bill O'Reilly for comments he made on ABC's The View Thursday, saying he opposed the "Ground Zero Mosque" because we were attacked by Muslims, or "Muslims killed us on 9/11."

O'Reilly's much publicized appearance on the View was controversial and memorable because at one point, co-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg were so upset with O'Reilly that they both stormed off the stage. It made for good TV. O'Reilly was chastised moments later by host Barbara Walters (after she chided Goldberg and Behar for leaving) saying that you can't condemn an entire religion for the acts of a few hijackers.

The next day, in typical MSNBC fashion, all the talk was about what somebody on or from Fox News said, because they can't report news themselves, they have to rehash what was said on Fox because Fox apparently puts a daily beatdown to MSNBC in the ratings everyday. I'm not a Fox defender; I don't watch TV to begin with, but Fox is an entertainment channel, solely, not a news organization.

MSNBC figured this out a few years ago and copied Fox's style. They gave us Keith Olbermann, a poor man's O'Reilly, and then followed up with Rachael Maddow and Ed Schultz, the former who intentionally distorts quotes of Republican politicians, and the latter who's too ignorant to understand simple things like rounding errors. MSNBC is Fox for liberals. They have a primetime lineup that hews to the Democratic base, and a tiny cadre of token conservatives, in mirror opposite to Fox's anchors and their "Fox News liberals."

Friday morning was a typical day at MSNBC. They spent their day watching Fox News or its personalities on other networks the day before and reported what they were doing. Dylan Ratigan was a guest panelist on the show Morning Joe, hosted by token conservative Joe Scarborough (who is MSNBC's Alan Colmes). Scarborough wasn't on, and that left Willie Geist to host the show.

After they aired the clip, Norah O'Donnell was first asked her thoughts and she said she supported the women walking off the stage (Goldberg and Behar) because they felt they were being "bullied" by O'Reilly. Yes, never mind the fact that Behar and Goldberg were Obama slappies in 2008 who feathered then-Sen. Barack Obama with softball questions, while they grilled Sen. John McCain during the presidential election.

Even though I don't watch The View, you can read enough newspapers and blogs to know that the show is slanted with a left-leaning bias. Their token conservative panelist is Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who's really a lightweight compared to the bombastic Behar and Goldberg. They do their fair share of "bullying." It's their show, it's their right. But O'Donnell apparently failed to grasp that notion when someone of equal bombast (O'Reilly) gave them a taste of their own medicine.

Ratigan came on next, and in usual politically correct form, pretended like every other idiot who thinks Islam isn't a violent religion and had this to say:

"We are not at war with Islam, we are not at war with Muslims, Iraq, Iran, it's nonsense! They hold up signs, 'I hate America.' Have you seen the signs we hold up? The only people that have ever funded a terrorist attack from that part of the world on us...was this Wahabi sect. And it is an extraordinary failure of our politicians and our media and anybody else who has an opportunity to communicate information to fail o make that distinction, because to fail to make that distinction is to risk a scale of conflict and a scale of disenfranchisement and alienation on this planet that may be convenient for TV ratings and votes, but is an abomination for the human beings that will populate this planet and it's a lie."

First of all, what got everyone's blood boiling was hearing O'Reilly say we weren't attacked (killed) by Muslims on 9/11. In an act of pure stupidity, Whoopi Goldberg immediately denied that, like instead we were attacked by some occultist sect. What O'Reilly said was 100% true, the 19 hijackers were all Muslims. Sunni Muslims. Muslims killed on 9/11 - there is no way around it.

Muslims attacked the country on 9/11. They attacked the USS Cole in September 2000. They attacked the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. They blew up the Khobar Towers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1996, and the OPM-SANG headquarters in 1995. My father and four other Americans were murdered in that attack.

Does Dylan Ratigan or Whoopi Goldberg want us to think differently? These were murders, and the victims were murdered in the name of Islam. It's completely absurd on their part to hear someone say "Muslims killed us" and assume that they're applying the murder label to all Muslims. It's even more dangerous to assume that Islam is somehow not at war with us.

Al Qaeda isn't a fringe group. It is a multinational terror network. The reason it has or had as now is the fact that it had millions of sympathizers and supporters in that part of the world. 9/11 wasn't the work of a small Wahhabi sect in Saudi Arabia as Ratigan would like all of us to think.

I can only guess the motives as to why some people are still willing to live in denial of Islam's purpose. It's not about peace. It cannot be progressive. If people weren't so afraid of being accused of bigotry, it wouldn't be as difficult to call it like it is.

And on that note, today's date is October 17. It's Jim and Marilyn's 46th anniversary. It's too sad I can't be with them to celebrate or even give them a phone call.

Ratigan's timing couldn't be worse.

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