Monday, October 11, 2010

Why Does Abortion Find Its Way In Here?

At about 49:29 of the Gubernatorial debate, both candidates were asked their positions on abortion, gay marriage, and affirmative action. The latter two, gay marriage and affirmative action, have been addressed by the voters in 2004 and 2006 respectively and both were outlawed.

My problem is with abortion, no matter where you stand on the issue (I being pro-choice), it doesn't matter in the context of a state office race. The Governor of Michigan cannot outlaw abortion. The only way abortion can be outlawed is either by the US Supreme Court overturning the ruling in Roe v. Wade or the country enacting a constitutional amendment that bans the procedure.

Our state has far too many issues to deal with. A distressed economy, a budget that is cobbled together on an annual basis using accounting gimmicks, an education system that is short on cash and long on uncertainty, a leadership vacuum in Lansing created by term limitations.

Rick Snyder's pro-life stance means nothing to me. Virg Bernero's support for a woman's right to choose means the same. Both can tinker in very small ways to restrict access or expand it, but the fact of the matter is, the issue will not be resolved in four years by either candidate - even if they wanted to.

We voted to ban gay marriage, because so far, the citizens of Michigan still have the right to do so. I'm not sure putting the rights of individuals up before a popular vote and having their fate decided by people's retrograde values is even remotely ethical, but it was done.

When we voted to ban affirmative action, I felt a little more sympathetic to those pushing the issue, but I voted no because I believe it would hurt the prospects of kids growing up in Northern Michigan and finding their way into one of the state's 15 public universities, among others.

Abortion will be never be outlawed in this country because of how impossible it is to undo Roe. Even as conservative as the Roberts' Court is, even they don't want to touch the issue because they don't want to break precedent, otherwise known as stare decisis (let the decision stand).

The other way, which is even more impossible, is to amend the US Constitution. That means 2/3 of both the US House and Senate would have to pass the measure. Then it would have to be ratified by 3/4 of the states.

Given that most polls show the country evenly divided on the issue, there is no way the pro-life movement will ever muster up enough support to ban the procedure.

And Rick and Virg will have even bigger issues on their plate come January.


Anonymous said...


Rick Snyder is much further to the right of Joe Schwartz.

You basically called yourself a Barry Goldwater Republican years ago while espousing the same type of Big Government, Anti-Business, Pro Union politics of a Joe Schwartz (granted Barry Goldwater was entirely LEFT minded on social issues).

How in the heck can some one far to the left support Rick Snyder?
Hey, I don't mind your support...It's one more vote for Rick and one less from Democratic Party candidates.

But, I never heard you express a single conservative opinion on any single FISCAL issue ever.

$6.5 Million EMU Mansion? You were for it.
$40 Million spent on Student Union instead of Pray Harrold? You were for it.

Jim Vick? You supported him and like I predicted to you he was subsequently caught and fired.

Samuel Kirkpatrick? You defended him and defended the Deloitte and Touche Audit that I screamed was wrong and I was proven right.

You have a history that is 180 degrees from anything Conservative.
You favored EMU Spending Projects over Fiscal Responsibility.

Do you think Rick Snyder would have favored the things you supported if he was EMU President?
Where's the Political Compatibility here?

---Jeff MacMillan

Anonymous said...

P.S. Jim Allen...

You once told me in a message on the EMU Campus Pipeline:

"Why would you ever support Conservative Candidates over Moderates like Joe Schwartz? You wouldn't have a Majority in Congress."

I told you in response that 100% True Blooded Conservatives even if they were fewer in Congress is much better than a bunch of Moderates that Compromise with Liberals in Congress but make up a bigger majority.

Let's face it.

You said I was wrong to support 100% True Conservatives and SHUN Joe Schwartz type moderates.

Yet.. It appears by giving the American People a choice between CONSERVATIVE versus LIBERAL....

You actually are willing to vote CONSERVATIVE.

So when you place your vote for Rick Snyder just think of me and how I proved you wrong.

Conservatives 100% true blooded versus Liberals is what elections are about. and Conservatives can win.

--- Jeff MacMillan

metrichead said...

Wow, a blast from the past. How ya been, Captain Krazo? Been naked with a girl yet?

Anywho, the election's over, and I didn't vote. While Snyder was almost appealing, the rest of the ticket on down wasn't. And since Snyder was going to win anyway, my vote wouldn't have mattered. No individual's ever does, really.

Just skimming through paragraphs here, it seems as though little has changed for you.

Yes, I still like Barry Goldwater.

Yes, I was for the student union, but in time, the University House has shown to be more trouble than it's worth. However, there are two things one needs to realize when assessing the University House.

1) Jim Vick's firing had NOTHING to do with the University House. He made a HORRIBLE decision and told the parents of a student she was not the victim of foul play when he knew she was. As much as I personally like Jim Vick, that offense was unforgivable (of course, the fact that John Fallon, the President, wasn't on top of the issue at all times was even far, far worse).

2) In contrast to funding such programs like an athletics program that runs a football team that 1) nobody follows, 2) is a perennial loser, and 3) is a $3-4 million drain on the school's coffers, it seems to me that should be a more concentrated focus than the funding of one $6 million house. The football program alone could pay for above five or six houses in a decade.

Another thing, I don't know if Rick Snyder would've or would've not supported the creation of a new University House. Or a student union. It's not a relevant issue in the 2010 Governor's race. Maybe he would have. Snyder's a rich guy who likes to live large. He's from Ann Arbor, which means, like Kirkpatrick, he'd probably prefer to be 'over there' than in Ypsilanti. Both are Republican.

You can draw similarities...I'm just sayin'...

And one final note...about conservatives and moderates. Yes, conservatives can win. But they can't win all the time. See 2006 and 2008. They had control of all three branches of government, but if conservatives/conservatism were/was as infallible as you claim, Dick Cheney would be president and Sarah Palin would be under his desk right now.

No one ever said moderates should always win over conservatives; only that conservatives have to learn they can't get their way all the time and have to learn to share with others. It's how grown ups tolerate each other.