Monday, December 19, 2011

Metrichead Reboot....Take 8 (or 80?)

2011 is coming to a close. As usual, I've made a verbal commitment to this I could not keep. It's hard. My writing skills have regressed as I've been out of college for more than five years. I'm no longer as creative or articulate a writer as I once was. (Was I ever, really?)

It's very difficult to keep adding content to this blog. I could do like some bloggers and post a roundup of links to interesting articles I've come across. But I'm not getting paid and time is money. There are those whose blogs make some money by selling ad space, but it sounds like more trouble than it's worth, considering the very little amount some make off blogger or WordPress.

It also seems as if every time I'm logging in, Blogger has added a new feature that I should check out. I have about as much experience editing a web page as I do lighting myself on fire. (ahem, not much) I see there's a new Blogger interface. Not interested in trying it. Does it do twitter feeds like Brendan Nyhan's? I guess I just like the classic Blogger look; not really into all the new interfaces/templates.

But come 2012, I should start posting more. I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I'm not one to use a calendar to start a new behavioral pattern. If it's January 1, or the 1st of any month, or even just a Sunday, it means nothing. I started going to a gym regularly in late August (years back). I think I made my first bike trek on a Saturday in the summer.

2012 starts on a Sunday. Maybe I should try this once. I have a feeling I'll break it, because I don't want to add content for the sake of adding content.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go back through and start deleting some old posts. Mainly, I'm just not proud of all the posts I've made. This is supposed to help me hone my craft writing. But I need some kind of motivation. College was easy because I had deadlines, and my best writing actually came as the deadline approached (weird).

So, here's to a better 2012. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.