Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Did Dana Milbank Say Something Reasonable?

My God, straight from the Washington Post came this from Dana Milbank:

If the “choice” rally participants really wanted to preserve legal abortion, they’d be wise to drop the sky-is-falling warnings about Roe and to acknowledge that the other side, and most Americans, have legitimate concerns. Not every compromise means a slippery slope to the back alley.

I am of the "choice" side of the argument, but even I admit, I spend more time criticizing the people that I agree with for their tactics and how they say things, rather than the merits for which they stand their ground.

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dmarks said...

I rarely agree with Milbank. I saw him on TV a couple of days ago calling for the government to censor campaign advertisements.

As if the First Amendment wasn't created in the first place to protect the absolute right of the people to speak out on political issues.