Monday, July 08, 2013

Terry Foster Got Me Writing Again

I got to thinking about this blog again.  I've decided I'm going to steal someone's format.  Lemme explain.

About two months ago, I met Terry Foster, a sports writer for the Detroit News. He's also the co-host of the Valenti and Foster show (sports radio) on 971 The Ticket in Detroit. 

I met him at the Hygrade Deli in Detroit.  He had started a mini-campaign to get people into this old-fashioned Deli that's on Michigan Avenue, about a mile west of Corktown.  He learned through Crain's that the place wasn't doing well and wanted to get people in there to get some business. 

So I took him up on his offer.  I went down there on a Wednesday afternoon, grabbed a table, and about five minutes later, he came in and sat down.  We talked a little about sports and about his family.  I ordered a corned beef sandwich (very good), and we went back and forth for about an hour.  I still kick myself for not bringing anything up about the Lions.  God knows I can go on for hours talking about them.  But I was too caught up in the moment and learning other things about baseball, Jim Leyland.

The place was packed, and the owner came over to our table and told us the meal was on the house for all he had done.  I hadn't done a thing.  So I ordered some takeout.

In the weeks following, I began to read his blog.  His format is similar to mine.  He talks sports, but he mixes in life, politics, and family.  I say mine is just a clumsy, disorganized blog.  I'm a wanna be political scientist, but until I 1) establish a respectable career, and 2) pay down my student loans to a manageable level, PhD school is out of the question.

Basically, it's hard to blog.  I've never looked into making this blog a widely read site that people have to come to.  But I enjoy writing.  There's just very little reward in managing a blog from my perspective.  But T-Fos got me excited again.

So here goes nothing.  Again.

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