Friday, August 30, 2013

10-0 Becomes 10-1.

Wednesday night I did something I thought I'd never do: attend my third Tigers' game in one year, and the second in ten days.

But, my brother-in-law wanted to go and all I had to do was swap a co-worker a couple of nights and next thing I knew: done deal, Comerica Park, Wednesday night.

The game was brutal.  Berr-rutal.  The Tigers lost 14-4 to the Oakland A's.  I said about a week ago that I'm a team's lucky charm.  I was 10-0.  Key word: was.

Perhaps the most important reason I went was because Doug Fister was pitching and this would be the first time I had gone to see him pitch all year.  The only other time I went was the final home game at Comerica where Fister set the AL record for most consecutive strikeouts.

Fister had a pretty bad night, going only five innings and giving up seven runs.  The A's were hitting practically everything.  The game was so out of reach that Manager Jim Leyland pulled Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder after the 7th inning.

So the Tigers lost 14-4.  Not fun?  Not exactly.  Sure, I 'd always take a win over a loss, but I think I had more fun at this game than I did my first game back in April this year.  I took a date.  It didn't go so well.

We barely saw any of the game, but the Tigers won.  It was a disaster.  A mutual friend of ours was there with a friend of his, and it became one girl and three guys.  Never okay.  They ended up hijacking my evening and bored me to the point that I drank too much.  My date and I never took our seats, and I never got anything to eat at the game (I wanted some chili cheese fries - months later I found out they're overrated).

I had planned on, once the game ended, to go inside The D Shop and look around.  Couldn't buy anything since everything sold there is about $15 cheaper at DC Sports, GameDay Detroit, or online.  We didn't do that.

Instead, someone had the brilliant idea of: "Let's go to Greektown!"  They had me at "No fucking way would I willingly go in there."  I hate the casinos.  I don't gamble and can barely breathe through all the cigarette fumes.  But being the too nice a guy I am, I went along without saying anything.

It wasn't fun in there.  We didn't play slots long because they're kind of confusing and I lack the motivation to truly understand how to play them.  I was still drinking, but I was really starving.

By the time we left Greektown, I demanded we go to Five Guys, to the point of running away from my group and ordering my food.  I was so drunk, my food sucked.  The fries were disgusting, and the burger didn't taste like anything special.

Last Wednesday was way more entertaining.  We began to notice people leaving the game early.  My brother-in-law was indifferent to leaving.  But I wanted to stay because even if the Tigers are losing, I still enjoy the ambiance.  I take it all in.  We had great seats and there was always a chance a home run ball could land in our laps.  It didn't but the little kids next to us got a ball from Torii Hunter.

We left the game with my first loss.  I knew my good fortune had to run out at some point.  But it was still more fun than last April's game (although not as fun as game ten days earlier).

I think the most important thing I took from this game is that maybe I'm finally turning a corner and am not so much of a fair weather fan as I am becoming a real fan.

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