Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Screw Arizona, Let's Talk Washington!

Man, there's nothing worse than my work schedule.  I get off work at 8:00 am Sunday mornings.  Most Lions games start at 1:00 pm, which means I usually have less than four hours for sleep before I can watch the game.  I caught a break the first two games, but I was really struggling today to stay awake during the second and third quarters.

Last week, the Lions blew it.  Sunday, the played pretty much the same way, but a different outcome and a huge, HUGE monkey came off their backs.

The good.

Matthew Stafford threw for 385 yards and 2 TDs.

Calvin Johnson caught the last touchdown that put the Lions up 10 and the game out of reach for Washington.

Joique Bell ran the ball effectively and gashed the Redskins' defense for some chunk yardage in the first half.

Ndamukong Suh created havok in the trenches and deserves credit Ziggy Ansah's sacks.

DeAndre Levy led the team with 12 tackles.  He's stepping into his own this year.

Nate Burleson: 6 catches, 113 yards.

The offensive line.  Protected Stafford all day to make clutch throws.

The defense.  The defense.  The defense.  They're not supposed to be this good.

Jim Schwartz deserves credit for getting another monkey off our back by winning at Washington, something that's never been done in Detroit Lions' history.  He ended the 19-game winning streak in 2009.  He ended the consecutive road loss streak even though he was there for a big portion of it.  He led the Lions to the playoffs for the first time in twelve years.  If Schwartz is fired after this season, let us remember he wasn't a complete failure, but had more along the lines of a Wayne Fontes' type of success here.

Next up for Schwartz: win at Green Bay, win on Thanksgiving, win the division, win a playoff game, and get us to the Super Bowl.  (Methinks the first two would mean beating Green Bay twice in a season, not done since 1991.  It's one or the other this year).

The bad.

Scott Linehan's play calling.  Virtually every play from scrimmage had Stafford in the shotgun or pistol formation.  They must not have much faith in Bell to carry the team in the run game, otherwise Linehan would've balanced the offense a little.  I don't care that they won, I think Linehan needs to go.  They can't keep this up for 13 more games.

Dominic Raiola's snap to Matt Stafford when he wasn't ready for it.  Stafford acted quickly enough and got rid of it, so the worst was that it was a broken play.

The referees penalizing Rashean Mathis for hitting a "defenseless receiver."  Some part of me says Mathis should've known better.  But a stupid rule is a stupid rule.  Nobody was even close to getting hurt.

Nick Fairley.  Disruptive but left the game twice due to injury.  Not his fault.  I am concerned.

Jason Jones.  Done for the year.  We need him.

Detroit Lions fans: I hear way too many fans calling in and complaining, AFTER A VICTORY.  Not just a victory, the first victory ever at Washington.  A win's a win.  No style points.  I'm talking to you, caller "CJ" on Karsch and Anderson Monday morning.  Not to mention that it was a ROAD victory.  Good god.  Love the Lions, hate the Lions fans.  Sometimes.

Next on tap: Bears at Lions.  Bears' DT Henry Melton out for the year with a torn ACL.  Our chances just went up.

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