Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Best Weekend of the Year

Damn, what a weekend!  I am exhausted from everything that went down.  So much so, I wanted to post my game-by-game breakdown predicting the outcome of all sixteen regular season games for the Detroit Lions. But with everything that had gone down: an El Ten Eleven concert, Michigan and Michigan State winning on Saturday, and today's Lions win over the Vikings (minus Doug Fister's disappointing outing against the Royals), this has been the best weekend of the year, so far.

I managed to finagle a switch in my shift to allow me to work a double on Thursday into Friday and got Sunday and Monday off.  Two whole days!  I should ask my boss if I can do this permanently.

Saturday night, I went to Ann Arbor to see my second or third favorite band, El Ten Eleven at the Blind Pig.  It didn't occur to me until the two days prior that this game was taking place the same night as the Michigan-Notre Dame game.  I thought traffic would be a nightmare getting there.  I got it half right.

Getting into town was easy as I arrived in A2 by 8:25 and parked a couple of blocks from the Blind Pig.  The show began with an opening performance from Eliot Lipp, who played a variety of keyboard and other fancy electro-pop music that was heavy and enjoyable.  Then came El Ten Eleven, and played a 12-song set.  They sounded great, which was a shock to me, considering the last time I was at the Blind Pig, the band that played didn't sound so good.

I got to see Kristian Dunn (guitarist) and Tim Fogarty (drums) after the show and told them how great the show was.  We shook hands and I left soon after.  The show ended about an hour after the Michigan-Notre Dame game, which of course meant that traffic going out of town would be impossible.

So, I was hungry and I ventured over to Pizza House, betting that trying to get back into town would be 1,000 times easier than trying to get out.  It was only 100 times, instead.  Pizza House was slammed.  I walked in, looked around, and walked out.

I went over to Pinball Pete's and played a few games before checking out Pizza House again, and it was still packed.  I wanted to muscle my way to the bar to sit down and order food, but gave up after a few minutes and went for another walk.  It was after 2:00 am; I get it, Michigan won, but come on kids, go to bed.  I wanted my Pizza House.

It just so happened I discovered a new Pita Pit had opened.  I worked at one for three weeks in January 2007 making good money doing deliveries until the owner said he was filing for bankruptcy, which sucked.  I began to enjoy it there after a week and a half.

Round 3: made into Pizza House, bullied my way to an empty seat at the bar, and managed to order my favorite pie.  The waitress said it'd be an hour.  It took 20 minutes, slightly more than the 10-minute average, so it was okay.  I was willing to wait an hour, but this was kosher enough.

I found out watching the ESPN highlights that Michigan State had "won," which is okay.  Haven't watched a game, but through osmosis, I'm learning they're going to be a one-dimensional, defensive team again.  I like State.  Maybe not as much as Michigan.  But when Sparty wins, I'm still happy that a Michigan school is winning. 

So I ate my pizza and left for home.  Went to bed to wake up at 11:30 am.  Showered, got dressed, put on the Stafford jersey.  Headed to Hartland to continue the family tradition of Lions football with my sister's husband and her family.

The first half was typical, Same Ol' Lions.  Detroit was down 14-13 at the half, but judging by the way they played, it should've been 24-3, Minnesota.  But the Lions showed grit and mental toughness and dominated the second half, taking the game 34-24. 

My favorite band played the same day Michigan and Michigan State won. The Lions won.  It's always a great weekend when those three win.  I'll happily forget that Doug Fister had a disappointing outing, losing a 5-2 decision to Kansas City.  He pitched a great for four innings, though.  Yeah, okay, however you want to spin it.

Why can't more weekends be like this?

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