Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Larry's Day

I went to Larry's viewing today in Flat Rock.  My ex-"boss," Kevin and I rode down together from EMU and went to Michigan Memorial Funeral Home where we saw some old faces and met his family.

It was more difficult than I thought it would be.  Perhaps it's because we know the pain of losing a family member, and we feel it through others even when the person lost isn't that close to us.  I thought I was going just to pay my respects.  But I ended up meeting a wonderful family who appreciated knowing how wide a circle Larry Cathey actually had.

In tragedy I gained some perspective.  We all have our struggles and many of us have to suffer in silence with whatever makes us miserable.  But sometimes you have to step outside yourself to see that others suffer, too.

A wife lost her husband.  A two-month old child will never know her father.  A mother and father had to bury their son.  I've never experienced any of these things.  But I will always keep this in mind: no matter how unfair life is, it is unfair to others in different ways that are just as cruel.

I wish them all nothing but good things from here on out.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I worked with your dad in Saudi Arabia - you posted a comment back in 2008 on the blog I had while I was working in Prague. I had had a post on the anniversary of the OPM bombing. I found you from that comment on my blog (which is still there but I haven't posted since 2008). I am writing an article for the December issue of the magazine of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) on the Riyadh chapter that was founded there in 1993. Your dad was actually vice-president of that chapter at the time of the bombing. There were two other chapter members killed - Dub Combs and Alaric Brozovsky. I (and the National organization) want to recognize all three in sidelight boxes with some information like what brought them to Saudi and their interests. Would you be willing to get me information like that about your dad? Also, I don't have any usable photos of him so if you had a decent photo that would really be great. The NCMA magazine goes out to about 18,000 members worldwide, most of whom I suspect know nothing about the bombing. I think people should know about your dad and the others killed that day.If you want to contact me please email me at alofarabia4@msn.com. Thanks. Al Tischler