Saturday, October 19, 2013

What Was That All About?

The shutdown ended Wednesday.  The government of the United States will continue to operate and the debt ceiling can has been kicked down the road another 2-3 months.  Why?  Because of Obamacare.

What's Obamacare?  It was a bill full of Republican ideas that Republicans decided to oppose once a Democratic President supported them, and passed by a Democratic Congress who once opposed but now supported the ideas, then signed into law by a Democratic President who also opposed a lot its provisions.

The law helped galvanize conservative America, who after taking two vicious beatings in consecutive election cycles now delivered their own shellacking and took control of one house of Congress (The "House") and almost took the other (ahem, the Senate) in the 2010 midterms.

It made liberal America shake in their boots because they're a bunch of intellectual cowards who supported a law they once opposed, but due to political expediency, circled the wagons behind a President of the same party and voted on a law knowing full well they were kicking their dream of a single payer healthcare system down the road for another 30 years.

The law full of Republican ideas was then challenged by conservative activists and the mostly Republican-nominated Supreme Court justices decided to uphold it.

This was followed by a presidential election in which the Republican nominee, a former Massachusetts Governor who passed the original law Obamacare was based on, now opposed his own law (and everything else he stood for a decade earlier) and subsequently lost the election to the Democratic candidate whose party also gained more seats in Congress as a result.

Therefore, instead of letting go of the law that they opposed but was full of their ideas, they doubled and tripled down time and time again by attempting to repeal it.  That tactic failed again and again because they don't control the Senate or the White House, because they lost it in the last election.  In one last desperate attempt, they then shut down the government for 17 days and waited until the final hour to capitulate, perfecting their humiliation before the world to see.

So let's recap: Obamacare is (1) a law that is full of Republican ideas but Republicans oppose and also (2) a law that Democrats support but is full of ideas they opposed because they capitulated on their dream of a single payer healthcare system, but (3) were at least smart enough to hide their hypocrisy and let the Republicans go full retard. 

I think I just lost my mind.

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